Super Visa

    The super VISA process is a program that’s designed to help permanent residence in Canada bring over grandparents and parents to live with them. Super VISA residents will be able to sponsor their parents abroad to come as long-stay travelers in Canada. Under this form of sponsorship, a parent or grandparent can visit Canada multiple times over an extended stay of 10 years.

    This visa is one of the best options to make sure that the loved one can come and stay for at least six months with the chance for an extension of the application. Under an unapproved extension application, the super VISA will allow a person to stay in the country for a full two years without having to leave or extend the visa process.

    Eligibility requirements:

    • You must be a grandparent or parent of a Canadian resident.
    • A child or grandchild will need to accept financial responsibility for the person it’s coming to visit. There also needs to be a numbered list of the people living in the household as well as a copy of the sponsor’s permanent resident form as evidence that they are eligible as a sponsor.
    • Super Visa holders need to have a form of Canadian health insurance to protect themselves from health issues during their stay.
    • There needs to be a full disclosure of the purpose of visit including the family that the visa holder will be staying with, a description of their personal finances, a description of their sponsor’s finances as well as eight current descriptions of the emigrating countries political and economic situation.

    Using the Super VISA process can be an excellent road to take if you would like to invite your parents or grandparent to stay with you. If you’re interested in qualifying for this visa, contact us today.

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