Express Entry

    Canada is one of the most stable places in the entire world to live with countless opportunities in one of the most consistent economies. The Canadian government approved a new form of visa entry in the year 2015 called express entry and it takes place through a fully electronic system. The express entry visa system is for skilled workers so that they can stimulate the economy in Canada thanks to provisional economic programs.

    International professionals with proven skills can enter into the Canadian workforce by submitting a self-assessed online form through the express entry visa pool. Applicants are scored based on a ranking algorithm that prioritizes in-demand skills and experience.

    Eligibility requirements for express entry:

    • You must be a Federal skilled worker class
    • Have experience with Canadian employers
    • Be a Federal skilled trades class with appropriate experience

    If you are considered to be at the top end of your field experience or you are a unique expert in your career path, you could be suited to this form of express visa. Rather than spending months to receive your visa application you can get approved quickly and cut down the time that’s required to come into Canada.

    If you feel as though you would be a good candidate for the express entry process, contact our immigration consultants today. We can take a look at your application and ensure that you can truly showcase your eligibility and get an expedited process to come into Canada as a skilled worker.

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