Provincial Nominees

    Provincial nominees program or the PNP program is a new visa system that’s designed to identify new immigrants that have extra work experience, education and skills. For individuals that have extensive working experience it’s possible that they can deliver a greater contribution to Canada’s economy and as a result they can qualify for a faster immigration process. Provincial immigration authorities will be able to nominate and handpick professionals who could stimulate the local economy and get them into the job market quickly.

    If you have extensive job experience or an educational background, you could enter into the nomination process for express entry so that you can come into Canada to start working. Each province will have its own highlighted groups based off of the current economic direction and service gaps within various industries. Check on the current provincial nominee program to find the highlighted groups and discover the fastest ways to become a permanent resident.

    Provincial nominees to not require any PR card or job letter when applying to jobs in fields that are in demand. Nominees are generally selected as the top of their field and they can get an X rated status to move into Canada, establish themselves in enter into the job market.

    Eligibility requirements:

    • You must be at the top of your field for skills, education or in an in-demand field for economic growth in the province.
    • You must have a desire to settle in a specific area of Canada.
    • You must have a desire to become a permanent resident of Canada.

    If you have extensive education or skills or years of experience in your field, contact our immigration consultants today and we can determine if you will be eligible for the provincial nominee program.

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