PR Renewal

    A permanent residency renewal can be one of the best steps towards achieving full Canadian citizenship. A PR card will allow you to stay in Canada without having to apply for regular visas and you can apply for citizenship within 3 to 5 years. A PR card is one of the most secure tools for staying in the country and for living and working in Canada long-term. Permanent residents will be able to stay in Canada with a strong status as well as travel inside and outside of Canada with ease.

    Your first permanent residency card will give you the status for five years with the option to renew and update the status every five years easily. The early process for applying for a permanent residency can be difficult but once you achieve the status it can be easier to keep.

    Once you receive your PR card, you’ll be able to apply for a PR card before the five-year expiration if:
    • Your card is lost or stolen
    • The status expires within nine months
    • You need to update your name and address
    • You haven’t received the card within 180 days since you’ve entered Canada

    Eligibility requirement for PR renewal:

    • You must complete a full application for approval for permanent residency and have a sponsor for your initial application.
    • The submission of the renewal application needs to be done with the Canadian government
    • You must demonstrate that you’ve not abused your status as a permanent resident
    • You must be present in Canada for 730 days out of the five years in your PR.

    If you face difficulty in the past with renewing your permanent residency card or you are renewing your permanent residency card for the first time, contact our immigration consultants today to coordinate the process.
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